Q: What is the current delivery time on a UNIMOKE?

A: Your UNIMOKE is assembled by hand to order in our workshops in Berlin. Each and every machine goes through a 4-station assembly line and quality check before beeing carefully packed in a almost ready to ride condition.

As were are not yet able to produce large amounts on stock, we have between 4-6 weeks delivery time from oder date at the time beeing.

Orders are processed by order time, so the later you order, the later your machine will arrive.

Q: Do you offer instalment payment or leasing?

No, at the time beeing we can not offer that option. What we offer is the option to pay a reservation fee of 50 % to get your order rolling and the rest upon delivery to stretch the financial burden a bit.

Q: What engine options are you offering for the UNIMOKE e-bike?

A: The UNIMOKE electric bicycle comes in 3 power versions of the BAFANG G06: 250 W (EU legal), UNIMOKE 500 (Switzerland and US) and UNIMOKE 750 (USA). The MOKE 250 is legal as a bicycle in the EU as a pedelec bicycle.

Read more about engine and power settings here!

Q: Can I ride my UNIMOKE with thump-throttle only?

The thump throttle is very helpful when it comes to accelerate your bike, assist on up-hill streches or glide along without the need to peddle. But by design, the UNIMOKE is a pedal assist vehicle and not meant to be ridden with throttle only all day long, as this will overload the engine and batterie, reducing the lifetime of these parts considerably.

Using throttle only with heavy loads over extended periods may cause the engine or controller to be overloaded and destroyed. 

Q: How long is the lifetime of my battery?

Generally spoken, our batteries have a lifetime of 800-1000 cycles (full recharges) if used properly and if frequently charged.

Q: What happens when I need spare batteries or parts later in the future?

Unlike many other electric bikes with integral or specialized battery and electrical components, the UNIMOKE e-bike uses a very common and reliable mass produced battery, engine and controller system that is available in most e-bike stores as well as online.

The same goes for technical components, as we use very popular brand parts and systems. 

We always have spare parts on stock, so you can order them anytime they are needed!

Q: What kind of accessories do you currently have or can I expect in the near future?

A: We are continuously extending our line of accessories, models and extras. Right now, we offer front and rear baskets, child seat, saddle bags and a lightweight trailer for the UNIMOKE. Also, we offer high quality bike gear like locks, helmets and tool kits.

Let us know what you wish and we will try to adapt our product line accordingly!

Q: Is it legal to ride with two persons on a UNIMOKE e-bike?

Yes, it is legal to ride with two persons in most countries. In fact, all tandem bikes and rickshaws make use of that freedom to carry what ever you want on your bike. Please be aware that riding with passengers is at your own risk and is limited to flat, even terrain at reduced speed.

Q: Can I take kids on a UNIMOKE electric bicycle?

A: Absolutely! The UNIMOKEs super long seat allows you have one child on the front (with the extra front foot-rests and body-belt) and a child seat in the rear of your e-bike. We actually use this configuration daily ourselves (see our video on Youtube...).

Q: Can I test ride a UNIMOKE e-bike?

A: Yes, test rides and day rentals are available in Palma de Mallorca, Berlin and Munich. Just contact us by e-mail to arrange it. We always have UNIMOKEs available in our shop and rental stations, as we operate them ourselves as rental workhorses on Mallorca.

We are also planning to provide a list of UNIMOKE owners willing to let you see and try their UNIMOKE to facilitate test riding in your country.

Q: Can I order UNIMOKE 750 W even though I live in the EU? 
Yes, we deliver UNIMOKE anywhere in the world.  In the EU, you have to order the 250 W/ 25 km/h version in order to be road legal as a bicycle. The stronger 500 W/ 750 W versions will need to be insured and registered to be legal as a light electric motorbike in the EU. 

If you only use your UNIMOKE on private properties, you can purchase the 750 W version.

Q: How much weight can UNIMOKE handle? 

A: The UNIMOKE is build strong and can handle loads up to 150 kg with ease, although we recommend to limit driving speed to below 20 kmh when driving with children or a second person.

Q: Does UNIMOKE come in different sizes? 

A: The UNIMOKE electric bicycle is designed to fit all! Like on a moped, seating position is variable due to the very long seat bench and the steering bar is designed to be adjustable in height and position. 

Q: How much does a UNIMOKE weigh?

A: The UNIMOKE 28 kg (52 lbs) plus the battery. But it's carrying handle on the top frame  makes it very easy to lift and the compact frame size makes it very easy to store.

Q: How long does the UNIMOKE battery last?

A: The battery inside UNIMOKE is built to last on average up to 40 km (30 mi) on flat streets with the pedal assist in normal mode and if loaded normally. The battery takes around 5-6 hours charge.

Q: Can I still bike on UNIMOKE if the battery runs out of power?

A: Of course! If you run out of power, you can cycle as you would do with a regular bicycle. The UNIMOKE electric bike will always bring you home afe and sound even without engine assist.

Q: Can the battery be removed?

A: Yes. The battery is designed in such a way that you can change it or replace with 1 easy step that takes less than 5 seconds. Simply unlock and open the seat, pull out the battery and you’re done. 

Q: How is the UNIMOKE e-bike delivered and is it easy to assemble?

A: The UNIMOKE electric bicycle comes 98 % assembled in two cartons: One for the UNIMOKE bike and one for your battery and charger system. Getting your UNIMOKE up and running requires minimal assembly and consists basically in adjusting the steering bar . However, if you don't have much experience with bikes, we recommend that you visit your local bike shop to get you Moke ready for your first ride.

Q: Can I pick it up myself? 

Yes. We always have UNIMOKE bikes in stock in our shops and you can also test-ride or rent a UNIMOKE anytime you want. Just call one or two days in advance to make sure we have one ready and set for you on your preferred day!

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?  

A: All UNIMOKE e-bikes come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on the frame. As many elements of a bike may get damaged due to normal cycling use, we do not offer warranty on parts such as tires, disc brakes, chain etc.´

Q: Do you offer speed / power tuning for the MOKE?

If you want to tune the speed / power settings of your UNIMOKE, you will have to refer to a qualified e-bike shop in your area. Tuning an e-bike may lead to it not being road-legal anymore, with all consequences. But if you plan to use your UNIMOKE off-road or on private land, tuning a MOKE is very easy due to the hub-drive system and accessible controller/ computer/ battery unit.

Q: Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT?

A: If you buy from outside Europe, import taxes and VAT may apply.

Q: Do you have dealers where we can buy a UNIMOKE from?

No, we only sell the UNIMOKE direct via our online shop or through this campaign at the time being to keep costs, storage, shipping and overhead to a minimum. 

We will provide a list of UNIMOKE owners who are willing to present their UNIMOKE to you to facilitate test rides in your area.

See more UNIMOKE versions and details here