UNIMOKE- The coolest urban utility e-bike EVER!


The UNIMOKE is the ultimate all-purpose urban electric bike. Turn heads on your next ride and make running errands an epic adventure. Experience the long-range 36/48V Panasonic Lithium-Ion battery pack and the feature rich accessories and you'll never look at your commute the same. Get radical, go further and have more fun for under € 2000!

Key Features

Each component of the Unimoke was hand selected by our team of experienced ebike enthusiasts who understand the expectations and real world applications ebikers are looking for because, hey, we're one of them. The end result blends our favorite features of on and off road ebiking. We're proud to ride this fully featured fat bike with this unique design and powerful engines. Some of the Unimoke key features include:

  • 250/750W Brushless Bafang Geared Hub Motor
  • 36/48V 11.6Ah Panasonic Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Extra long moped sale seat
  • Front and Rear Full Coverage Fenders
  • 5 Rear Rack options
  • 20 x 4" Wide All-Terrain Tires
  • 40+ km Range
  • 25 km/h Top Speed
  • Backlit LCD With Speedometer, Wattmeter, Odometer, and Battery Gauge
  • Integrated LED full metal Headlight


Power System

Our specialty is battery and electric motor technology and we understand you want to commute to and from work, climb hills, stand-your-own in traffic and get to your destination faster. We have what you want and it's 48V and 750W of clean power.

48V and 750W of power results in an electric fat bike capable of tackling terrain and going the distance unlike the lower power and voltage options on the market.

Unlike more common electric bikes with low capacity batteries, we splurged on the famous Silverfish battery packs because we know that this is the single most important component of any electric bike. The Panasonic 48V 11.6Ah battery packs a punch and has the capacity and range to be there for you when you need it most at the end of a long ride. At only 3.4 kg this is one of the lightest and most energy dense battery packs ever supplied on an electric bike. Combine that with the external battery meter, USB accessory charger, and easy removal for charging and transport, and you have got a feature rich battery pack you can depend on.

Brushless Geared Hub Motor

A hub motor (also called an in-wheel motor) is an electric motor incorporated into the hub of the wheel. These motors are compact, maintenance free, and discreet. Hub motors are the most common drive method for ebikes today and offer a number of advantages.

We applied our experience with years of taking ebike motors to their limits in high-performance applications and have outfitted the Unimoke with a powerful, all-around, lightweight, brushless geared hub motor specifically designed for use with our 15 amp continuous motor controller and 48V battery pack.

Key Points:

  • The motor is mounted in the rear wheel which increases traction when starting on hills and provides greater stability compared to front hub motors.
  • Rear mounted motors do not put any extra stress on the chainring, chain, or cassette like mid drive motors do. This greatly reduces the wear and tear on these components resulting in longer trouble-free usage and less mainenance.
  • An internal planetary gear provides ample starting torque and a high top speed while keeping the weight of the bike low for floating over snow and sand. Geared hub motors have internal gears which allow the high speed and high-efficiency motor inside to match the speed of the low-speed 20'' wheels.
  • Geared hub motors typically weigh around 50% less than a direct drive hub motor with similar performance.
  • The motor also includes an internal freewheel which means when the motor is off and you are just pedaling the resistance is greatly reduced and it feels more like pedaling a regular bike.
  • The compact hub motor is so small most people will not even know it’s there until you fly by them on a hill!Full Shimano 7-Speed Gearing

Oh yeah, and it's a bike, so you can use the pedals too! The 7-speed Shimano drivetrain lets you ride any terrain. 7 speeds allow you to match your pedaling speed, terrain, and motor speed so you are always in the perfect gear. You can comfortably pedal from a stop and also keep up with the 750W power system in the tallest gear.

Chromoly Frame

A lightweight chromoly steel tube frame balances style, efficiency, and comfort into a bike that is exceptionally durable but feels nimble and quick under your feet. The upright geometry allows experienced and novice riders to feel comfortable and safe while being able to easily take in the sights with the heads up and laid back frame features.


The big bouncy 4’’ wide Kenda fat bike tires are more than enough to smooth your path, without the need for heavy and complex suspension systems. You will love the way this bike feels!

Fat Tires

Fat tires help the bike float through snow, sand, mud, and any terrain you may come across. This opens the door to epic rides into wild places not normally accessible by conventional electric bikes. The big tires feel equally at home on asphalt and makes the little bumps in the pavement disappear on your cruise down the street. The fat tires provide better traction, making you feel like your tire is gripping the ground which is especially nice during higher speed turns.

Customizable Fit

The Unimoke accessoire selection allows you to customize the fit and feel of the bike. 

Leather Grips and a Plush Saddle

There's more? You got that right! We added leather ergo grips and a matching comfort saddle with alloy rails.


Daytime Running LED Headlight

If all of the features above weren't enough, the Unimoke comes with a daytime running LED headlight that is always on to light the path ahead on your next adventure. This premium LED headlight runs straight off the main lithium battery pack for convenience and security. Never get left in the dark.

Powerful Brakes for a Powerful Bike

Front and rear 180mm Tektro disk brakes provide you with strong stopping power in mud, sleet, and sand. Stop faster when it counts the most.

Motor Safety Cutoff Switch

Both brake levers automatically cut off the motor power when they are applied to keep you safe in even the most surprising situations.

Stainless Steel Spokes and Crazy Tough Rims

Feel confident on bumpy roads with the Unimoke wheelsets. The strong stainless steel spokes mean your wheel will stay stronger longer than conventional ebike wheelsets. The added load of the motor and batteries means you need a wheelset that can hold up to all the bumps you can throw at them.


Full LCD Display

Get instantaneous ride stats from the large LCD display.

  • Speedometer: Full speed ahead with the large speed display.
  • Wattmeter: A handy power meter to show you how much electricity you are using at any given time.
  • Battery capacity gauge: A fuel gauge for your electrons!
  • Power level: Indicated the pedal assist level. The higher the number the more the motor will boost you when you pedal.
  • Distance traveled: See how far you go on your next epic adventure.
  • Distance traveled over time: Calculate how many kilometers you didn't drive this year and how much money you saved on gas!

USB Charging

Charge your phone or portable electronics on the go from the two provided USB outlets. The super high capacity 48V 11.6Ah battery pack has plenty of juice to charge even the most demanding portable electronics (Available starting V3 series due to deliver in December 2017).